Wood Floor Maintenance

Learn how to maintain and take care of your hardwood floor in Portland, Oregon. All floors have a tendency to leave behind minor imperfections, many temporary in nature. Contractors and manufacturers are accustomed to these small quirks, but we realize they may be a bit startling when seeing your floor for the first time.

With this in mind, we’ve created the following list of possible, temporary outcomes after a finish application.

Blemishes and Debris:

Setting resins can exaggerate the appearance of blemishes in the early stages of a floor’s life. Any small debris, such as tiny airborne particles in your house, can refract light more during this time. However, almost all blemishes disappear completely as the finish sets. Length of time before you should become concerned: 60-90 days


Many types of wood are susceptible to slight discolorations with other types of finish. However, the vast majority of wood types will recieve a color enhancement by Glitsa Swedish finish. As the finish sets, you may see very slight color differentiation in your wood floor. These differentiations are normal and will most likely even out. Length of time before you should become concerned: 60-90 days

Uneven Sheen:

Many factors can contribute to uneven sheen. Dramatic factors such as humidity, temperature, and varying wood species’ composition can make the application process tricky, leading to possible uneven application. As with color differentiation, sheen variance should even out over time. Length of time before you should be concerned: 120 days

Screen Marks, Brush Strokes and Abrasions:

Minor screen or brush marks may remain slightly visible during the initial drying phases. Likewise, small underlying abrasions may seem almost painfully obvious at first. Be assured that as the finish sets, resins tighten across the wood, and many of these marks will seem to disappear during the process. Length of time before you should be concerned: 60-90 days

Overall, you will save yourself quite a bit of stress and grief if you remember it’s not uncommon to have some minor defects in a finished floor. Small, temporary side-effects will almost always disappear during the curing and maturation process. It is very much like the small cut or blemish on your arm as a child that faded very quickly and has since disappeared entirely.

Please understand this process is normal. If, however, these side-effects are still obvious after the time allotments mentioned above, it may be time to contact us.

When inspecting your new wood floor, remember to do so from a standing position with normal lighting. Glare, particularly from large windows, magnifies any irregularity in the floor and should not determine acceptance.

Again, small irregularities such as those listed here may be present but should not be prominent when inspected from a standing position.